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Today we all live in a 'wireless' world where Wi-Fi is everything. But, still, Ethernet cables outperform Wi-Fi in quality of signal, speed, and network scalability. It's not only used in computers but also in gadgets and technologies like cameras, phone systems, sensor installations. Having a wired network, be it at the workplace or at home, provides you with high speed, solutions to some issues with features like file sharing, media streaming, internet access, telecommunications, and many more. In this article, we will discuss Ethernet wiring solutions in detail. Planning an Ethernet network: The first step is to have a detailed...
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Everyone who goes to an office to work has, up until now, taken reliable internet for granted. In a lot of offices, computers connect via Ethernet cables, while in a number of them; there is high-speed wireless internet. Either way, the connectivity is seamless and high quality. Similarly, you are used to experiencing decent connectivity at home as well because you use it much less. However, currently, we are living through a pandemic. That means we have more or less stopped going to the office. We are working from home or we are studying from home. And this has changed a...
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