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Why The HDMI Cable Gives You a 2020 Display!

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A TV in 2020 has one port that it absolutely cannot get enough of the HDMI port. Let's get to know it today.

HDMI is the acronym of High Definition Multimedia Interface and it came to be in 2003! The best thing about it then was that it did away with the need for separate cables for audio and video. Since then, there is more to it and the best hdmi cables are ones that give you crisp video, with immersive audio, faster than you can blink.

HDMI has become the standard, replacing all kinds of previously popular audio-video standards.

Why has this happened? What is so great about the HDMI cable?

Let's look at some of the things that make it a popular choice:

Superior quality data transfer:

The best HDMI cables can transfer data in high quality without any compromise. With evolving versions of the cable, the reliability, and speed of this transfer also improve. The high resolution that it supports, makes the picture on the TV look good. Your TV is only as good as your HDMI cable allows it to be, after all.

End to end security:

The gadgets that are actively using the HDMI cable or even HDMI adapters can access the data that it is transferring. One cannot access it remotely.

Input = Output:

With the HDMI cable, the quality of data you input is the output you get to see. There is no compromise and no loss in the cable. Since the standard is digital, the loss of data in analog to digital conversion does not come into play here. This makes them an ideal choice for transmitting anything in high definition.

Cable management:

Who loves to detangle a mess of wires from behind a TV? The answer is no one. One cable for audio and video dramatically cuts down on the wires that you have to deal with on a regular basis.

Since HDMI cables are available in varying lengths, you can get the length you need for your setup and optimize your cable management even better. One cable that doesn't even dangle over the table? Yes, please!

Conversion to different things:

Since not everything uses an HDMI port, you can use several hdmi adapters for connecting to a DVI port, a DisplayPort or even a USB port. The adapters come in handy for sticky situations like that.

The next question that we must ask is where to use the HDMI cable?


If you are setting up a workstation, you should connect your monitor(s) to your CPU with HDMI cables. This will ensure high definition, no lag output, which is perfect for editing video and audio if that is your requirement. It is also good for any intensive development-related work.

Entertainment setup:

For an entertainment setup, you need elements that give you an immersive experience. You need a TV that can support high resolutions like 4K HDR10+. Additionally, you need a soundbar because TV speakers are generally terrible. For this, HDMI ARC comes in handy and can give you your money's worth.

Gaming setup:

The one place where data lag can affect the result negatively is gaming. Imagine you are playing an intense multiplayer game and your video lags! You'd be dead before you even see where you are going! With the latest HDMI cables, you will always be one step ahead, therefore minimizing death risks.

You cannot simply hope to get the resolution that your TV promises unless you use the HDMI cable that is compatible with it. With different versions available, make sure to check the version that will likely work best for you and then buy it.

There are several reasons for this cable's popularity and the universal appeal that it has. This serves as a compact list of a few of those. The HDMI standard is here to stay this decade, that's for sure. So if you are investing in a setup, make sure to get the latest versions even though they might be slightly pricey right now.

Source: https://www.sooperarticles.com/shopping-articles/electronics-articles/why-hdmi-cable-gives-you-2020-display-1764116.html

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In our blog, we educate customers on the various types of cables, components and accesscories for computer, laptops and mobiles


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