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Choose The Right Extension Cord

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An extension cord is something that we use in our day to day life. Its name depicts the exact thing which it does i.e. extend itself and provides you with an electrical connection in the most unlikely places. However, you must choose the right extension cord and use it the right way for the best results.

Today, we will provide you with a guideline that you need to follow before you start using an extension cord for different uses.


Don't overuse the Extension:

It's true that whenever an electrical outlet is far from an extension cord, it proves to be of great help. But, it's better not to go over the board with it. Choose a cord that does not go too long. Because, if it's too long, it lowers the amount of voltage delivered.

If you do not want to lower the electrical efficiency, it is better to go for an extension cord of a precise size. The one which is good enough to serve your needs. It will save energy and will also enable you to use lighter duty cords.

Go Through the Fine Print:

Apart from length and gauge, you need to know whether your extension cord is proper for outdoor usage or not. In case, if it doesn't have the ratings for outdoor usage, you run the risk of overheating it and can cause a fire hazard.

The letter "W" on the box of power extension cord means that it is right for outdoor usage. If it has a letter "S" on it then it is meant for genetic utility. Some high-end cords have indicator lights that tell you if the power is flowing through the cord.

Each letter on the cord has some meaning to it.

  • S: It is for general use
  • W: It is for outdoor use
  • J: 300 Voltage insulation - meant for heavy use
  • P: It is useful for conditioner cords
  • T: It means that jacket is made out of vinyl thermoplastic
  • E: The cord jacket is made of thermoplastic elastomer rubber
  • O: It means that coil is oil resistant

Follow Safety Guidelines:

If you are using the extension cord for right angle power cable or just for extending electricity resources, it is important to follow safety measures. It is good not to chain more than one cord together and use a long one instead. Additionally, before you use an extension cord, inspect it in case of cracks and damages. If you find any issues then refrain from using them.

Make sure that the extension cord is away from the reach of children because that can be hazardous. Refrain from running them from below the carpet or doorways as there are chances of damage in the long run.

Consider Power Rating:

The power extension cords you select should be able to handle the power requirements of connected devices. Make sure you consider the amperage of your tools as your extension cord needs rating from the proper amperage. To measure the amperage:

Watts/voltage = amps

Suppose, your extension cord doesn't have maximum amperage rating then you can find out its capacity by looking at American Wire Gauge rating. If the AWG number is low then the wire will be thicker and of high capacity. Remember, lower the number, the better the capacity of the cord to deliver the power.

Keep the extension cool:

It's a fact that the electricity passes through the extension and produces heat which needs a vent so the cord does not overheat. When you are using it make sure it does not cover with carpet, ceilings, or other things.


When you feel that the cord is too hot to touch, unplug it immediately, and find the cause of overheating. Once you understand the cause, then you can easily resolve the issue.


In addition to the above-mentioned points, remember that an extension cord is a temporary power supply accessory and can be substituted with permanent wiring. In case, you need additional power and extension cords are too far to stretch it, consider hiring an electrician, and mount the outlets for long term usage.

There are many companies that provide extension cords online, right angle power cable, switches, and other electronic devices. Make sure to purchase from the renowned manufacturer or distributor.

Source: https://www.sooperarticles.com/shopping-articles/electronics-articles/choose-right-extension-cord-1786915.html

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In our blog, we educate customers on the various types of cables, components and accesscories for computer, laptops and mobiles


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