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Ins and Outs of HDMI Cable - All You Need to Know

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Thousands of devices always surround us. Our day starts and ends with them. Be it mobile phones, laptops, cameras, tablets, smart watches or anything. This has also resulted in our homes becoming a jungle of wires and cables.

At times, confusing us about which wire version is the right one.

For me one such cable is the HDMI cable. There are various types of it, different types of converters, different ports, each of them having different speed and specifications. It is definitely cumbersome.

After a thorough research, I decided to write them down and help others to understand it in layman terms.

So, let's start with: What are HDMI cables?

HDMI stands for "High Definition Media Interface." It's designed to transfer high definition audio and video signals. high speed hdmi cable can help you to transfer uncompressed digital signals which are clear images, multi-channel audio and 3D support.

High-Definition Multimedia Interface cables can transmit both audio and video signals i.e. you can easily complete your setup using just one cable.

Let's Talk about HDMI inputs and outputs:

High-Definition Multimedia Interface inputs and outputs look similar. You can find them on the back, sides or on the front of your consumer devices.

But, not all your devices will be having the same inputs and outputs, so it's better to know and understand your device beforehand. HDMI cable gives an output of high definition audio and video to HDMI compatible displays via HDMI inputs.

HDMI inputs are typically found on HD TVs, projectors, and AV receivers. These can accept the HD signal that's coming out of your cable box, game console, Blu-ray player, or media streamer and display it.

There are some devices which have one High-Definition Multimedia Interface input while some devices have more. Before purchasing any device at least make sure that device has more than one high speed HDMI port. According to the current scenario most of the devices have more than one port.


Now, even manufacturers understand the current scenario and try to upgrade according to recent market trends.

In spite of this, if you ever encounter a situation where your device has only 2 High-Definition Multimedia Interface ports then you can go for an HDMI switch. It helps you to connect your HDMI cables and your device easily.

How to connect HDMI cables to your TV?

There are some devices which have their own HDMI ports but others don't have this port so you need to buy one.

Take an High-Definition Multimedia Interface cable and connect its output to your TV's HDMI input. If you have a receiver then connect one cable from a media streamer or to any other streaming devices. Then each of these will connect using a HDMI cable to the next HDMI output and the other end into HDMI input. Hence, at the end you will get one cable going from the receiver's HDMI output to HDMI input on your TV.

I know it sounds way too confusing. In short, just make sure that you have the correct number of inputs and outputs. Or in other words, make sure that your TV has more than one High-Definition Multimedia Interface port so you can connect a media streamer as well as a cable box.

Usually, HDMI cables are the better choice to connect with other devices but it comes with its shortcomings too.

High-Definition Multimedia Interfacecables are of 50 feet, but it still depends on the version of the High-Definition Multimedia Interface cables you are using. If you are using a short one then there are chances of you having a problem with connecting media streamers to your TV.

Advantages of HDMI cables:

  • Single cables solution
  • High definition video output
  • High compatibility
  • Authentication and Encryption

Final Words:

There are more than thousands of things in which HDMI cables are useful. Having basic understanding of them is necessary in today's time.

On the off chance that your device doesn't have anHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface port but has a VGA port, you can always use a vga to hdmi converter.

Source: https://www.sooperarticles.com/shopping-articles/electronics-articles/ins-outs-hdmi-cable-all-you-need-know-1790788.html

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In our blog, we educate customers on the various types of cables, components and accesscories for computer, laptops and mobiles


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