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Just bought a new home!? And, thinking about wiring and cabling, the most cumbersome task? Don't worry, here in this article, I will be covering various types of cables which are useful in our homes and brief about them. Wiring modern homes require a standard quality of work in comparison to the homes from the mid-1960s. Today, any new electrical installations require new wiring that complies with local building codes. Before we begin, let's discuss some of the wiring terminologies. An electrical wire is a conductor that conducts electricity. In the household wiring, the conductor is usually copper or aluminum; it...
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XLR vs RCA: Difference is in the Use
When it comes to wiring for anything, the specifics depend on the devices involved and the overall requirement. Audio cabling, in particular, has two basic analog cables, XLR cable, and RCA cable. These are largely for very different scenarios.   The connector on the XLR cable has three pins, whereas the one on the RCA cable only has one. XLR passes balanced audio whereas RCA passes unbalanced audio. This is also where the use case bifurcates. XLR connector also has a latch on it to lock the connection in place. RCA has no such clasp.   Let’s take a look:   Home...
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