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Web-to-Print Technology and the Much Needed Change in Perspective

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In today’s dynamic ecommerce scenario, Web-to-Print is not just confined to being a software that enables the customers of e-commerce store owners to create personalized printed materials. Considered to be one of the most sought after solutions for direct marketing, it offers a more enhanced value.


Web-to-Print is not just a product. It is a perfect solution for the business owners who are looking forward to have a better ROI. Hence, they really need to change their perspective towards Web-to-Print solutions. If you are someone who is looking forward to adopt the technology or are someone who already has, read this article in order to know how you can accept and work with it in the right manner.

Embrace the web-to-print initiative

When a web-to-print initiative fails, the business owners tend to blame the technology for it. And this prejudice usually gets transferred from the staff members who have not accepted the solution completely. They keep finding faults and focus on the aspects that are not working. Instead, they need to ponder upon making the technology work for themselves. One of the major reasons as to why web-to-print technology is being accepted with reluctance is that nobody takes the ownership of it. They see it as a product of the vendor and expect them to make it successful for them. Unfortunately, this approach might not work. You need to be open and conduct extensive research on how the technology can work for your business. Only after doing so, you will be able to start implementing in the right way.

Take the power in your hands

It is mostly observed that when there are hindrances and failures in implementing the web-to-print technology, business owners usually give up. This is the last thing they should do. Adopting Web-to-Print technology asks for a strategic shift which needs to be implemented rightly if you want to be successful. In order to handle your projects rightly, you need to write down the goals you are looking forward to accomplish. Furthermore, you need to assess your business and find out which aspect needs your participation and which aspect can be handled by your sales team. Make sure that your sales team is working together with your ecommerce manager and customers who are a perfect fit for your web-to-print program. Taking leadership and looking into all the projects personally will help.

Ensure seamless integration

If you want to empower your customers with the ability to submit personalized orders, you would want the orders to get easily integrated with your systems. You cannot manually intervene for each order. When you integrate web-to-print with your Print MIS (Management Information system), you will be able to provide your customers with a perfect way to do business with your brand. Don’t worry about the integration part if you are starting new and do not have too many orders. However, as and when the web-to-print volume scale goes up, you will need to make the integration successful.


Embedding technologically advanced printing solutions and making them a part of your work culture asks for taking a deep dive into knowing how the solution works. You have to make innovations, deal with the challenges and step on the learning curve. But to start with, you need to change your viewpoint towards the web-to-print technology and figure out how to make the best out of it. Several online store owners have adopted it and are making the most out of it. It’s time for you to get your ball rolling. Are you ready?

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